Rob Flax Kicks Off Music+Code Video Campaign with Style

Last Sunday, we kicked off our Music+Code Curriculum Video Campaign with polymath musician Rob Flax.

Rob Flax is a multi instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and mathematician. He performed for us a set of math-inspired music, his newest uplifting single, and ended the concert with an improvised duo together with Music Blocks!

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing some of the recordings taken at the concert, but first we wanted to share the finale with you.

Please check out the following video to hear Rob Flax “trade fours” with a Music Blocks program written exclusively for this concert by Remake Music’s Devin Ulibarri.

Music+Code Crowdfunding Kickoff!

We conducted via Jitsi. For more information about Rob Flax, as well as links to his videos and pages, please visit

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