Music+Code Videos Crowdfunding FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to common questions about our “Music+Code Videos” crowdfunding campaign.

The following video gives a pretty good overview. It is our “pitch deck” for the campaign, made with Music Blocks. (Do you get it, “pitch” deck? Haha, it’s a pun.)

What is this campaign all about?
Do you have a mailing list that I can join for updates on the campaign?

Everyone who contributes will get “first in line” updates on the campaign.

You can follow our work at any time by subscribing at

I am a musician and interested in getting involved as a contractor. Where do I sign up?

Yes, please complete the form at

When will I receive the award for my contribution?

All tiers receive an award. Please see campaigns page for details.

Update: As of Fall 2021, Supporter and up tiers have already received their awards! We will continue to send these out on a rolling basis to new contributors. Thank you!

Are you funding the curriculum and the music blocks platform?

This is specifically to fund the curriculum. Music Blocks is developed under Sugar Labs (

Walter and Devin are part of Sugar Labs. Remake Music LLC was created specifically to help support teachers wanting to augment their curriculum with lessons that combine both music and computer programming. Music Blocks is our “go to” tool for younger students. As students progress, we move them to other powerful tools such as Lilypond (text-based sheet music interpreter), Javascript, Python, and more).

Can I contribute more than the maximum tier?

Yes, you may. Please choose “custom amount” and choose the contribution amount of your choice.

Note: You may contribute any amount. You are entitled to the award for the amount below the custom amount you contribute (e.g. if you would like to contribute $50, which is above “supporter tier”, but below “super-supporter” tier, you will receive the “supporter” tier prize.

I represent a corporation and I would like to discuss the “corporate sponsor” in more detail. Where can I go?

Please fill out the form below and tell us a little more about your organization.

How do I know you will be able to deliver on your promise?

Great question! We have completed contracts with different organizations such as Gakken (national government sub-contract), Hawai’i Youth Symphony, and Malden Public Schools. We are a serious team and determined to revolutionize education.

I am with a school. How can I use Music+Code curriculum at my school?

If you want to try Music Blocks software, you may do so for free anytime. Please go to

If you want professional support, however, please contact us at or via the form below and let us know what you are interested in. We have done workshops and professional development for schools.

I am a teacher interested in adding Music+Code to my toolbox/resume. How can I get started?

We offer professional licensing for teachers interested in teaching Music+Code, which includes support and guidance. Please contact us at or via the form below and let us know that this is what interests you.

How can we follow you on social media?

First of all, please consider joining our newsletter to stay up-to-date with news, events, and exclusive offers that are specific to the Music+Code curriculum. As for social media, many of our pages are under “MAP Family Learning Center” which is our network of schools.

Do you accept crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Yes, we do. Please check out

Tip: For acknowledgement (whether public or private), choose “offline donation”. Otherwise, you may contribute completely anonymously via crypto currencies (we will appreciate the contribution just the same).

Have a question not addressed above? Ask below.