As our part of our continued concert series to promote our Music+Code Video Crowdfunding Campaign, we are continuing with guitarist Devin Ulibarri.

Devin Ulibarri is a classical guitarist, educator, and co-founder of Remake Music! At Remake, Devin takes on many roles, including Music+Code curriculum development. For this concert, he will be bringing a mix of soothing classical guitar arrangements of Japanese folk tunes (based on the winter season), original arrangements of Holiday tunes, as well as a duet with Music Blocks.

Last month, in order to kick-off our campaign we hosted musician Rob Flax. He played music that blended math and music, and ended the concert with a fun improvisation that he played together with Music Blocks. It was truly a remarkable achievement, both from a technological perspective as well as from a musicianship perspective. The performance was very entertaining and can be viewed here.

For those interested in attending Devin’s concert, please register at the MAPFLC events page. You can attend for free, or you can pay $25 which will be counted toward your support of our crowdfunding campaign. For $25 you will receive a branded USB, and will have supported our cause to bring a radically different way of learning to life. Thank you!

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